A Holistic After School For
Children With Special Needs

SORAN KIDS is an Inclusive afterschool that had emerged to support specially abled children with holistic interventions and learning opportunities, located in Indranagar, Dehradun.


Facilitating Holistic Learning, Development, Lifestyle Opportunities for our learners.

Turn Taking - Social Skills

Turn Taking - Social Skills

Waiting and taking turn are essential social skills. It inculcates the basic rhythm of communication in children, which is a critical part of communication development in young children.

Turn taking is not a natural skill, still it is a life skill that is needed for thriving and succeeding in diverse environments.
A few glimpses of our 3rd experiential learning master class where our little stars learn and experience the joys of turn taking and waiting!

Unique Experience - Concept Of Birthday

It is well established that we are a sum of our very unique experiences , and our experiences greatly help carve our personalities into the persons that we evolve into. Same goes with learning , various dimensions get added to our personalities as we come to experience the variety that life has to offer.

Scientific evidence has also shown that interventions can make considerable improvements in children when they are assisted in the areas of behavior, social skill development and communication. The need is to really deep dive to inculcate the skills and values that we want to nurture in our children.

Recognizing this, at SORAN Kids, we aid the development of a child, through the transformative power of experiential learning. It can create deep impact in children as its customized & practical approaches helps with social development skills; motor functions as well as holistic development of learners.

We focus extensively on how to make the learning experience of our learners as experience based and practical as far as possible. Experiential Learning holds significant importance in enabling the transition from superficial learning to deep learning.
Last month saw how we introduced birthday as a concept to our young learners, Watch this space to know how our little super stars celebrate and spread the joy of Christmas on Saturday , 21st of December.

Unique Experience - Concept Of Birthday
Renu is a rare combination of being accomplished & learned while being a seasoned academician who has the gift of versatility and diverse exposure of working with children from all walks of life and hailing from varied cultural back grounds. Post her Masters Degree in Education, She has worked across the length and breadth of the country with different boards and curriculums over 2 decades of her professional journey first as a teacher and later an administrator for very many years.

Her deep knowledge in academic design & delivery coupled with her ocean of experience of working with children and adults is one of her greatest professional strengths. As the head of the academic excellence and Inclusion team at SORAN KIDS, she works relentlessly to facilitate real learning & development opportunities for Children.
“The vision of SORAN KIDS came to existence to move a step forward towards spreading awareness social justice and equality for the parents and children with special needs, and also for parents of the neurotypical  kids. We at SORAN KIDS s are moving forward creating awareness, and providing congenial natural environment to special needs generation, so that they grow nourished and flourish without living in low esteem.”


Nupur brings along with her hands on experience in the Education Sector as a specialist of Human Resources with deep expertise in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management & Learning & Development & Consulting. She has a Masters degree in Management Studies – with specialization in Human Resource from the University of Mumbai and has also specialized in Talent Management from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

During her corporate journey across the length and breadth of India, across multifarious industries, she has rendered her services to reputed organizations in leadership capacity as Head – Human Resources.

After establishing Soran India in 2017 as the preferred HR business partner in education sector, she now endeavors to support the cause of Inclusion Via Education for individuals with special needs  via SORAN KIDS FOUNDATION.
“At SORAN KIDS our every step strives to enable , empower and inspire our learners to go beyond perceived limitations and boundaries , as we handhold them towards a realm of unlimited possibilities  of independence , educational and functional competence , and most important of all to live and lead life with self respect , self reliance and dignity. “


Hema Nair
Sr. Advisor – Academic Practices
Hema comes with the experience of having led and taught in schools, across curricula, for over two decades. More recently, as a founding member of a pioneering education start-up, Hema was instrumental in leading several projects to set-up K-12 schools and engaged closely with the school leadership to create systems and processes to promote educational excellence. Additionally, she has skilled thousands of teachers and school heads in a wide range of areas from enhancing pedagogical skills to developing emotional intelligence and team building, amongst others, to encourage an environment of quality teaching-learning. She also successfully led business development and client servicing and played a key role in various functions of the company. Hema has recently joined Ikega Education Labs, a premier education consulting firm  as its Co – Founder .  

Apart from being selected for the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program and being a part of the steering committee of the school for CIS accreditation, Hema’s core strength has always been her ability to strategize, operationalise, develop a culture in the work space that is focused on problem solving and working optimally with diverse people. Hema is a Post Graduate in English and has completed her Bachelors in Education from the Pune University.

Besides her passion for children and education, Hema enjoys the world of global cinema, travelling and exploring local cuisine and culture. 


Pooja belongs to the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand . Having acquired her Post Graduate degree in Occupational Therapy, She carries extensive experience in working with wide range of special need requirements of individuals on Autism spectrum, ADHD, Handwriting difficulties, learning difficulties, oral sensory issues, speech delay.

When asked why she has chosen this profession , she says .. “My sole purpose of working is to serve as many people as I can who are in need and seeking for help.”

Pooja is a believer of continual development, and hence she is also specialized and skilled in the areas  of Physical Agent Modalities, Tai Chi (Basic),Office Ergonomics , Oral Placement Therapy(level-ll), Ayre’s Sensory Integration (Module-1)
At SORAN KIDS FOUNDATION, Pooja carries out the role of an intervention consultant , by leading the objectives of our Occupational Therapy department.  



Vishnu Priya is a Senior Speech Pathologist & Audiologist with 9+ years of hands-on experience in the field of speech and language development. Over these years she has been associated with Well known and premier health care providers like NIMS Hyderabad, Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, amongst many others. Her core speciality being  in the areas of :
  1. Voice therapy
  2. Stuttering therapy
  3. Neurological disorders (stroke, Aphasia and dysarthria) therapy
  4. Therapy for Articulation and Phonology disorders
  5. Autism spectrum disordersAt SORAN KIDS FOUNDATION Vishnu heads the speech and communications vertical as a senior interventionist. 


Anubhuti Rathore is a Child Development and Education Psychologist. Alumnus of Amity University, Noida and Kings’ College London. Completed her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology along with a PG. Diploma course in Child Psychology from Institute of Holistic Mental Health, Triuppur. Certified by the board of Rehabilitation Council of India as a Special Education Needs Teacher for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Trained at the renowned Action for Autism Center in New Delhi. Working extensively with special needs children since 2015 using a holistic and a multisensory approach. She is trained in applied behavior analysis therapy for behavior modification, augmentative and alternate communication along with picture exchange communication system for language and communication development. Trained in Family Counselling for child developmental, academic, social and emotional well-being concerns. At Soran Kids she is working as a Senior Consultant Therapist- Special Education and Psychology Expert. Taking care of the development-training program of the special education needs department, also responsible to design and develop caregiver program in autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. 
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Dr. Shweta Nair
Developmental Pediatrician

Dr. Shweta Nair is a developmental pediatrician based in Navi Mumbai. She has received her training in the same from Christian Medical College, Vellore.
Dr. Shweta specializes in the management of developmental disorders which include children with Cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, intellectual disability and behavioural issues. She believes in providing family centered care and works towards empowering these children to achieve their maximum potential.

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