Enabling, Educating & Empowering By Incubating Special Education Team In Schools

Finding  from a recent survey that covered 1.18 lakh households across India.

  • Among persons with disabilities of age 7 years and above 52% Illiterate.
  • Among persons with disability of age 15 years and above, 19 % had highest educational level as secondary and above
  • More than 90% of disabled children are found in rural areas in India
  • Among person with disabilities of age 3 to 35 years, only 10% attended pre-school intervention programme

Curating programs that promote inclusive education as inclusivity is not a need but a necessity. Inclusive education is not unidirectional, it requires collaboration and efforts from all sides. It includes creating awareness among kids without disabilities to learn to understand and build deep friendships with special needs children.

What We Do

The following are the key service offerings from SORAN KIDS FOUNDATION

  • Recruitment Assistance for identifying inhouse Special Educator
  • Periodic counselling BOOT Camps at school Campuses 
  • Teacher Inductions & Training on Operational Guidelines 
  • Parent Counselling / student case history and assessments 
  • Quarterly Early Intervention Plans  
  • Fortnightly EIP/ IEP Meetups with Parents & educators
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