Enabling Holistic Learning At Home
For Specially Abled Children

Committed to empower and inspire special needs individuals and their families to lead healthy lives of self reliance, balanced living and fulfillment.


Learning begins at home.
We believe children have the capacity to learn the most from their caregivers and we want to help you do your best!

MPOWER program will give your child all the tools and guidance to learn in a stressless and hassle free manner with your own designated and highly qualified coach. Through MPOWER We design a specialized course and offer tailor made reviews and evaluations for your child’s journey.

We believe that learning knows no barriers!

Our goal is to provide a wholesome and holistic lifestyle where learning is fun, stress free. When the word special really does start to feel special 🙂

You may think this will cost a lot of money, resources, and sacrifices. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as we have a solution that you can implement right at home!

All it takes is belief and the will to bring a change for your beautiful family.

Why Should you choose us, you may wonder?

  1. Our world has been turned upside down with covid crisis, parents of children with special needs are looking for solutions that can be created in the safety and comfort of their homes.
  2. You do not need to depend on external sources such as availability of transport, permissions to travel to be able to find an intervention for your child.
  3. It is tough for parents especially in Tier II and Tier III cities to find specialized individual interventions.

How does it work?

  1. Consultation: Book your online consultation.
  2. Case History: Once your admission has been confirmed online, our certified specialist panel will conduct a thorough case history followed by physical assessments .
  3. Start Home Interventions: Next comes the personal assessment where the assigned coach will lead with the child to be able to develop the intervention goals for the student.
  4. Reviews: We follow a strong 360 degree review mechanism where  goals and plans are reviewed on periodic basis along with parents & caregivers.

So, don’t wait any longer, reach out to us at inquire@soranindia.com

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Facilitating Holistic Learning, Development, Lifestyle Opportunities for our learners.

Soran Kids Foundation diet and nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

Children with special needs can often face a complex relationship with food.
For example: A child in the autism spectrum may respond well or not to different colors, tastes or textures. Plus prescribed medication too comes with its side effects.
Thus, finding helpful supplements and diet plans is crucial for your child. Nutritional challenges are also varied according to every individual child’s needs. We are equipped to help you figure out the best possible route for you.

For children with special needs, it isn’t just about the requirement to fill their stomachs with nutritional food but can often include tasks such as teaching  them the best way to chew/swallow different types of food, breaking down barriers in color and texture preferences of the child to make the act of eating a bonding activity rather than a time of pressure for the parent and child.


Caregiving can be an exhausting journey where you might doubt every step we take. But there is no need to be alone in this.
We consider it an honour to walk alongside you and guide you.

Children with special needs often face social isolation and labels that aren’t correct. Thus, it becomes very crucial to make sure their mental health is given prime importance.

We create an environment that is free from judgement, safe and an outlet for sharing thoughts openly. We realize that the process is a journey that would be incomplete without including parents, so we make sure we include you in each step.

All children possess the capability and desire to be successful, and it is our goal to achieve that for you and your precious one.

Soran Kids Foundation counselling
Soran Kids Foundation home customization soran kids


A home is a place of rest and rejuvenation, it needs to be prerequisite not a luxury. For a child with special needs, there is a lot more consideration that needs to be taken in terms of designing the space. Your home can have small or big changes that would greatly benefit your child.

For ex: For children in the autism spectrum,they could get stimulated by several things such as textiles, colours, sounds etc.

You should always keep the heavy items safely bolted to walls,use blackout curtains to make sure you can block the light whenever you wish, place game shelves at the bottom for easy reach for your child. The decor of your home would also change as your child grows older and has different needs.You can create a home of their dreams!



Individually crafted, Home based specialized learning program


Holistic after school for special needs children age group 1.5 yrs - 12 yrs


Enable Educate & Empower by incubating Special education at your door step


Mobilize specialized educators at the lowest Turn around time

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